Q&A With Rob McKenna Hosted By Jason Mercier

“Income tax proponents have spent many years trying to get the Washington Supreme Court to overturn a century of law holding that, under the state constitution, graduated income taxes are unconstitutional. In our democracy, any change in settled law that is based on our constitution’s plain language should be by vote of the people, not […]

The Great Pandemic Wealth Migration – Wall Street Journal

A recent WSJ.com article highlighted the increasing wealth/business migration out of high-tax states to lower/no income tax states. Unfortunately, Washington state is no longer on this list of states “Notably, four of the 10 states that gained the most income [from migration] in 2020 don’t impose an income tax (Florida, Texas, Tennessee and Nevada). The […]

Judge Strikes Down Capital Gains Tax On Grounds That It Is Unconstitutional

The Opportunity for All Coalition (OFAC) issued the following statement following Douglas County Superior Court Judge Bryan Huber’s decision to strike down the illegal capital gains income tax. Judge Huber’s ruling was based on the grounds that the tax is an unconstitutional income tax. “Judge Huber saw through the state’s attempt to enact this illegal […]

Capital Gains Income Tax Hearing Complete (Ruling Pending)

The Opportunity for All Coalition (OFAC) continues supporting the lawsuit to strike down Washington State’s illegal capital gains income tax. The court hearing and challenge against the illegal capital gains income tax took place Friday, February 4, 2022 Our team (led by Rob McKenna) did an excellent job outlining the validity of our core arguments […]

The Wenatchee World: Farmers and businesses must fight the illegal capital gains tax

In passing this latest income tax, lawmakers subverted the voters’ will and our state’s constitution by mislabeling this an excise tax. The IRS and the 49 other states in the union all recognize capital gains tax as an income tax. The IRS has stated in a letter to U.S. Rep. Dan Newhouse that capital gains […]

Tri-Citians should counter the Dems’ income tax plans. Kennewick is right to take a stand

Like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole, efforts to impose an income tax in Washington state continue to pop up no matter how many times they’ve been slapped down. That’s why the Kennewick City Council’s formal opposition to a local income tax is more than just political posturing. It’s an important way to tell state leaders to […]

Opinion: Why every Washingtonian should oppose the capital gains tax

In the winter of 2019, “Snowmageddon” hit Seattle and ground the city to a halt. The snow piled on roofs and didn’t fully melt for nearly a month forcing my company, Guardian Roofing, to close for weeks. My co-owners and I immediately injected $200,000 of our savings into the business to ensure we had enough […]