Opinion: Why every Washingtonian should oppose the capital gains tax

In the winter of 2019, “Snowmageddon” hit Seattle and ground the city to a halt. The snow piled on roofs and didn’t fully melt for nearly a month forcing my company, Guardian Roofing, to close for weeks. My co-owners and I immediately injected $200,000 of our savings into the business to ensure we had enough funds to pay salaries, rent and health care for our 100 employees while our revenue dropped to $0. It was terrifying.

Running a small business is fulfilling and rewarding. Business owners have the opportunity to provide gainful employment, help customers in need and maintain some control of their own destiny. But it also entails tremendous risk, financially and personally.

Those risks are especially pressing when making decisions to hire more people in order to grow your business and meet customer demand.

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