Advantage For Washington State Not having a state income tax is a major
competitive advantage for Washington State
Red X Supporters of the tax are labelling it an
“emergency” law. There is no actual “emergency”
Red X Voters will NOT be able to approve or
reject this law at the ballot box!


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What’s At Stake

1. Washington Does NOT Need The Money

  • There was a $10 billion budget surplus last budget cycle
  • State tax revenues increased 154% ($26B – $66B) in 12 years!
  • WA population increased 13.5% over the same period
WA State Budget Population Budget $/Person
2010 $26,000,000,000 6,746,000 $3,854
2022 $66,000,000,000 7,656,200 $8,620
Increase 153.8% 13.5% 123.7%

2. Washington Citizens Do Not Want This

  • Income tax votes were beaten 10x previously
  • In the Nov ’21 advisory vote, 61% of WA residents voted AGAINST the income tax

3. This is a clear attempt to introduce a statewide income tax on ALL Washington citizens, including taxing standard salary & hourly wages.

4. The tax is destructive to businesses & job creation in a mobile job market

Don’t believe the hype – this will be a tax on everyone and you’re next! This income tax will hurt the whole economy and do nothing about regressivity. We can do better and create more opportunities for ALL Washingtonians!