An ‘Excise Tax’ On Income Is Detrimental To WA’s Future

Did you know Washington’s Supreme Court could approve a new “excise tax” that will follow you wherever you go? Did you know that over the past 12 years the state has experienced a 150% increase in tax revenue – from $26 billion to $66 billion? Do you believe that, even with this spectacular increase in revenue that the state Legislature would ever cut “regressive” taxes on sales, gas, soda or liquor?

If you answered no, no, and no, you are not alone.

Next Thursday, Jan. 26, the state Supreme Court will hear arguments about the legality of a new tax. The state Legislature invented this tax in 2021, despite having a $10 billion surplus, under an “emergency” clause. By using the emergency clause, it circumvented the will of Washington state residents who have traditionally had a say on any major tax changes via initiative or referendum. In fact, it is clear the citizens don’t want this excise tax as they rejected it 61% to 39% in a statewide advisory vote in November 2021.

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